Ron Paul in Fairbanks, Alaska

Alaska, Black & White, Film, Photography, Portraits

Ron Paul became the only presidential candidate to visit Alaska today with trips to Fairbanks and Anchorage. He spoke to a full house at the Westmark Gold Room for near an hour. My first opportunity to shoot such a large profile figure, what I expected to be slow, possibly even mundane turned out to be a bit of a scramble. In retrospect it was silly to think it would be slow. Moments are unexpected, crowds are alive and energy bounces off the walls. As always keeping the shutter clicking and working the scene were the most important things. There’s no way I would have passed up the opportunity without shooting some film, and shot two rolls of 120 on my Hassleblad. It was dark and hard to focus and obviously limited opportunities, though I feel some of my best shots were on film. Here’s one of those. Check back often this week as I have lots of posts lined up covering many subjects.

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