David E. Sanger lecture at UAF.

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Chief Washington correspondent for the New York Times, David E. Sanger, recently visited University of Alaska Fairbanks to meet with journalism classes and give a public lecture.

Over 100 people attended his lecture in Schaible Auditorium as he spoke about his most recent book, Confront and Conceal: Obama’s Secret Wars and Surprising Use of American Power. Critics and pundits consider the most important section of Sanger’s book a chapter titled “Olympic Games,” the codename given by the White House for the stuxnet computer worm. Though still never admitted by U.S. officials, stuxnet was determined a collaboration between the U.S., Israel and Germany, its goal – to inflict severe damage on Iran’s nuclear centrifuges.

Other topics included the dichotomy between covertness and admission with the U.S. drone operations, as well as surrounding legalities and ethics. Foreign policy triumphs and blunders in Afghanistan, Pakistan, China, North Korea and handling of the Arab Spring all came up in discussion.

David Sanger lectures at UAF

Sanger spoke about his books, Confront and Conceal and The Inheritance.

David Sanger lectures at UAF

A diverse crowd turned out to hear Sanger speak on March 25, 2013.

David Sanger lectures at UAF

Sanger has been to Fairbanks on multiple occasions, but admitted this was the first time he wore a tie in our town.

David Sanger was brought to UAF through a endowment by Helen Snedden in honor of her late husband, former Fairbanks Daily News-miner owner, publisher and journalist, C. W. Snedden.

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