Complementary colors crossing the street

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Street photography is one of my least proficient genres. And judging by the amount of blurry pictures I took on my trip I  need to use a faster shutter speed or take more time. Likely the latter.

There is an old adage “f8 and wait,” referring to the f8 aperture which provides a fairly large depth-of-field (the amount of the imagine in focus.) This is a valuable tip, if you’re stationary. I think for me a fast shutter speed would be more valuable since I’m often moving with the subjects.

WIth all that said, this next shot literally passed me up, and I grabbed the only – almost sharp – shot I could.

Crossing a street in Paris a family of four, being led by the dad in a large hurry, hustled by. Without even bringing the camera to my eyes I shot a single, hip-level frame, which does a nice job emphasizing the children. Even without being sharp I absolutely love the complementary colors of  the kid’s clothing.

Color theory states warm colors – yellow, orange, red – will appear closer in the frame, even when in the background. So the pedestrian in the yellow shirt is a strong figure.

I like the shot, but 1/125th of a second was not fast enough.


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