Drone photos above Fairbanks

Alaska, Landscapes, Photography

Above: Farmers Loop road cuts across the frame in this view of the hills north of Fairbanks. My friends and I are the three small dots almost in the center of the frame – as seen from Dog Mushers Hall.

A friend of mine has been using drones for research and testing, so we took it out a few weeks ago for reconnaissance. The roughly two-foot wide, four propeller remote control unit is impressive – and difficult to keep track of in flat lighting. A few times we had to chase after it to verify which way the directional beacons were facing.

It’s great to get different perspectives, and drones offer a fantastic vantage point – not just reasons to worry about privacy. With that said, the presence of drones will only grow, and quickly. New laws and regulations must accompany the metaphorical and physical rise of unmanned aerial vehicles.

A colorful drone takes off amid a gray day, Nov. 9, 2013.

Drone and GoPro take off amid a gray day, Nov. 9, 2013.

The view south toward Fairbanks, from Dog Mushers Hall.

The view south toward Fairbanks includes two dogs and two dog walkers, taken above Dog Mushers Hall.

My backyard, Birch Hill in the background.

My backyard, Birch Hill in the background.

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