On the move – more road trip iPhone

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I’ve been posting photos from  a recent road trip, which fits perfectly with the weekly photo challenge, “on the move.” This iteration is going to travel a large distance, between Vancouver, BC and the Oregon coast.

All the pictures show movement somehow – often other people in their daily routine dotted throughout pictures.

So here’s round three of  iPhone pictures. I also find my iPhone is very handy while on the move – small, very quick to access camera and also very quick to share. Soon I’ll be back to my posts about Europe.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Culture, Turkey Tail.

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The Weekly Photo Challenge, that’s almost over, is culture. While the example is the culture of a specific society, culture has many more meanings. I’m choosing a very literal meaning of culture, the verb, according to merriam-webster online: “the act or process of cultivating living material in prepared nutrient media.”

My culture is a fungus growing in its specific environment. Trametes Versicolor, due to it’s shape and common color patterns, is often called Turkey Tail. Here it grows on a tree in Oregon.