Munich Streets

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Above: The Marienplatz, “Mary’s Square” in english, in central Munich. Pedestrains gather with New Town Hall in the background. 

 München is the capitol of the German state of Bavaria, and the third largest city in Germany. The southeastern city carriers old-world charm with churches and town squares while melding touches of modern style.

Bavaria as a whole holds everything from beautiful, culture rich villages, to the Nazis first concentration camp, to lovely landscapes. I will explore them all in future posts. 

Todays post will feature some street shots from Munich. 


Reflections and Ice Patterns

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Above: The old barn reflected in a puddle at Creamers Field

Late season rain made for a good photo opportunity in puddles and on ice. Not to much to say today, just pretty pictures.

Sunset glows on ice crystals  Oct. 29, 2013

Sunset glows on ice crystals Oct. 29, 2013