Digital, hiking Granite Tors and a candle

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Sometimes I put my foot in my mouth. Photographic tastes are fickle, and after saying film is a major part of my aesthetic I decide to go more digital. There are many reasons, but I’m not trying to get too personal in this blog. One of the primary reasons: film’s magic for me is black and white. The film is cheaper and I can process it myself. But sometimes I just want to see the world in color. Another reason: to make steady money with photography while possible shooting film, one need’s a very well established name. The final reason is, in all fairness, probably the most important, ISO. Also known as ASA or simply film speed, it is a rating of sensitivity to light. Digital cameras can shoot at such high ISOs (6,400 and above) film cant hold a grain to it.

So I splurged, bought my first unused camera, but thanks to a combination of reward points the bill was cut more then fifty percent. Here are two pictures from my first few rounds of shooting.

Patrick left and David right, Granite Tors east of Fairbanks.

The picture above was taken at Granite Tors, a popular climbing destination and fifteen mile hike outside of Fairbanks. What I like about this picture is scale. The far horizon is balanced by the climber in the foreground. Then after viewing the second hiker a sense of elevation is really present.

A candle burns during a rain storm.

Humans see in color, and despite my love for black and white color makes, or breaks, many photos. In this image the strong monochrome and repetitive circles ground the viewer, while the abstract composition makes them wonder if they’re looking at a celestial formation.


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