Kodak Retina double exposure

Abstract, Alaska, Film, Photography

I read an ad for a garage sale that specifically said antique cameras, needless to say I couldn’t resist. To my delight I found a Kodak Retina IIIc. Based off the serial number from this 35MM camera it was made between 1954 and 1957 in Stuttgart, Germany. This awesome camera can be slow to use, but features a qreat 50mm, Schneider 2.0 lens. It is also has a solid feel, and at $25 price tag, with a $50 cleaning at a local shop, I couldn’t be happier with the cost.

It always fun to imagine the pictures an old camera has taken, and equally fun to image the ones it has left.

Please click on the image to view full size.

Dog sign double exposure

One of the rolls I shot was old 400 ASA film, and somehow got double exposed. No complaints here as the contrast between neon pink hotel sign and the curious gaze of the dog in the woods mimics a feeling I often have when looking at some of todays buildings.

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