Weekly Photo Challenge: Change – A Few Interpretations.

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Change is something we all deal with daily. Seasons, cloths, tastes, locations, personal attitudes and feelings, just to name a few. Change is good and bad, but in its very nature something different. Adjectives for change abound: life-changing, quick, slow, small, large, relative, unexpected and necessary.

Enjoy my multiple interpretations of change.

One of the most wide-spread changes in popular culture is Halloween, where people change into whatever form they desire.

Halloween at UAF's Pub, 2012.

Halloween at UAF’s Pub, 2012.

Changing into triceratops and sagittarius for the night.

Changing lightbulbs at night in UAF's metal smithing room.

Changing lightbulbs at night in UAF’s metal smithing room.


Weekly Photo Post: Color at Washington Park Arboretum.

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It’s been a long time since I participated in Weekly Photo Post, and what a perfect theme since my return from Washington and Oregon. While Fairbanks has been receiving a mid-April snowstorm, resulting in lots of white, the Washington Park Arboretum had very-vibrant warm, spring hues.

My botanical identification skills are sub-par, and the only plant species I recognize are tulips, which were actually in someone’s front yard. The first three images are of pink flowers. Pink is a subset of red, a warm hue which is known for psychological responses of passion, love, and happines. But also blood and anger and danger. The pink petals with green leafs are also complementary colors.

The final image is a pretty purple, a cool color, which in western culture is asosciated with royalty, luxury and occassionally magic.

Washington Park Arboretum


Washington Park Arboretum

Washington Park Arboretum

Weekly Photo Challenge: Big. Big splash at the Sikuliaq Launch.

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How great the image I was about to post fits perfects with the photo challenge this week.

Last saturday the 261-foot Sikuliaq launched into the Menominee River from Marinette Marine Corporation, Wis. The National Science Foundation owned and UAF operated vessel entered the water at a steep, 60-degree angle. It created quite a splash. Unfortunately the cloudy sky that deposited rain all day long makes it difficult to truly appreciate the size of the wave. The person on the tug boat in the lower left corner offers some perspective. Stay tuned for more Sikuliaq coverage.

Knowing it would happen fast and be unpredictable I went with a wide-angle lens and a high, 3200 ISO so I could use a quick shutter speed.

Here’s a Daily News-Miner article covering the christening and launch ceremony, as well as some science capabilities and the future journey of the Sikuliaq, co-written with my advisor Lynne Lott.

Please click on the image to view full size. © Robin Wood

Research Vessel Sikuliaq gets its first taste of the water, Marinette, Wis. 25mm at f13, 1/1000 sec.