Weekly Photo Challenge: Change – A Few Interpretations.

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Change is something we all deal with daily. Seasons, cloths, tastes, locations, personal attitudes and feelings, just to name a few. Change is good and bad, but in its very nature something different. Adjectives for change abound: life-changing, quick, slow, small, large, relative, unexpected and necessary.

Enjoy my multiple interpretations of change.

One of the most wide-spread changes in popular culture is Halloween, where people change into whatever form they desire.

Halloween at UAF's Pub, 2012.

Halloween at UAF’s Pub, 2012.

Changing into triceratops and sagittarius for the night.

Changing lightbulbs at night in UAF's metal smithing room.

Changing lightbulbs at night in UAF’s metal smithing room.


Music Monday: Steve Brown and the Bailers at the UAF Pub

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Fairbanks-based rockabilly band Steve Brown and The Bailers will perform at the UAF Pub this Saturday, March 30, 2013. Here’s a great show poster created by Sue Sprinkle of 5th Avenue Design & Graphics.


Their most recent show was also at UAF’s Pub, February 24. After helping set up microphones and patch them into the snake I hung around to dance and photograph.

I’ll be the first to admit, this isn’t my finest edit. First off, none of my images are exceptionally sharp, rather they’re quite fuzzy. Second, either I misplaced, or didn’t even shoot RAW images, so my hack-job edit today was of small, unforgiving JPEGs.

For those who don’t know, a RAW image is 16-bits per color, uncompressed and the complete, unaltered file captured by the camera. In comparison, JPEGs are an 8-bit, compressed file. While a RAW file can be many-times bigger then a JPEG, the nature of the file allows for digital manipulation without altering the pixels. There are drawbacks other then large file sizes, but for all intensive purposes, shoot RAW.

Hope you enjoy!

Steve Brown and the Bailers at the UAF Pub, Feb. 24, 2013.

Steve Brown and Robin Fienman on guitar and vocals sing together February 24, 2013.

Steve Brown and the Bailers at the UAF Pub, Feb. 24, 2013.

With their groovy melodies, expert playing and relatable lyrics, Steve Brown and the Bailers inspire a dance floor of all ages and abilities

Making sure everyone hits the last note of the night together.

Making sure everyone hits the night’s last note together.

More music: Dr. Dog @ UAF Pub

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UAF’s fall concert series had a rocking start, complete with crowd surfing and beach balls. Pennsylvania based Dr. Dog made a big trip to a small venue, small when compared to some of their previous performances, such as Austin City Limits and Coachella. The indie-rock band played to a sold-out crowd that packed the dance floor. The band’s retro rock, modern sound-effects, almost-raspy vocals, smooth harmonies and meditative lyrics all blended seamlessly. Not to mention, they are incredibly friendly people. After viewing my pictures check out the playful music video to “Shadow People,” one of my favorite songs.

Please click on images to view full size.

Dr. Dog seen through wine glasses illuminated by stage lights at the UAF Pub.

Dr. Dog rocks out at the UAF Pub