Train Station Stretch

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One fantastic aspect of Europe is train travel. A chance to relax, watch country side whisk by, and wonder if you going the right direction. Some of the most magnificent sights are seen on trains, and people often present a more relaxed persona. Though much like any long transportation so much sitting can ache the legs – ergo it was perfect one of my first sights riding a train was companions doing a hamstring stretch in the station. 

Taking time to stretch at a train station in Versailles, France, July 15, 2013.

Taking time to stretch at a train station in Versailles, France, July 15, 2013.

WPC: Unexpected, On Seattle Streets

Photography, Street, Travel, Weekly Photo Post

Above: A leashed cat sits on a chair in downtown Seattle, Washington.

Unexpected is the current weekly photo challenge, and what a great challenge it is for photography. Photographers live for the unexpected, I constantly scour scene and surrounding looking for good light, an event or the unexpected.

As the saying goes, “expect the unexpected.” Fantastic advice to increase success in any endeavor. When it comes to photography “expecting the unexpected” often means a split-second reaction – always have a camera ready. It can also mean working a scene longer until some action develops – be patient.

My images from the unpredictable streets of Seattle; juxtaposed birds and early-bird special sign, a young woman stretching on drift wood on the waterfront, gorgeous light cascading into Pikes Place Market, and a row of neatly arranged lunch boxes in a barren entryway. 

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